Tips to Revamp Your Company Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the correct medium for B2B marketing strategies. It provides you a platform to come in front of prospects with your product at the perfect time. The moment you capture their attention, the next task is to retain it. Building strong connections can promote their interest in your business. There are a lot of other techniques to engage your prospects apart from that. After proper marketing, if you are still facing a crisis in generating leads, then it is time to revamp your profile.

Here are the steps that can help you optimize your business profile on LinkedIn to create more traffic.

1. Image comes first

A business page elaborates on the vision of the business in the viewers’ eyes. First of all, search yourself on LinkedIn and observe how your profile appears. Check the profile image, banner and posts. If it doesn’t seem appealing to you, then how come it can attract your customers. Select a profile picture indicating a sophisticated look of your company. Choose a creative banner. Tailor your newsfeed sharing content specifically highlighting different aspects of your brand.

Here are some ideas for optimized posting:

  • Post about your efforts
  • Post about a new development
  • Post about a recent meeting
  • Post about conferences
  • Post visual content like videos and slide presentations

Depending on the interest of your customers, you can update your news feed every day promoting your brand value.

2. Indulging in a campaign

Another way to climb up in the viewer’s list is to indulge in a humanitarian campaign. You can select any fundraiser, volunteering or awareness campaign. You can write about it, help in raising funds or even sponsor them. The efforts for charity will bring your profile in the spotlight very easily.

3. Endorsements and referrals

One of the best ways of getting views is to build a trustworthy image in front of your clients. Ask your peers and related groups for referrals. Connect with the profiles that can help you gather recommendations.

You can also try this the other way round. You can endorse the profiles that have similar content related to your clients’ interests. In this way, your prospects will search for them and end up linking to you. You can ask the profile that you are endorsing to endorse your skills. This is another way to gain the trust of the viewers coming up to your profile.

You can ask your customers for product reviews, as well.

4. Optimization

One of the reasons for not getting enough leads is that you might not be appearing in the word search. Study your audience and search for the keywords that are usually searched from their profiles. Then use those keywords in your profile so that your profile could pop up higher in the search bar. LinkedIn also releases a list of keywords every year that includes the most searched words in the last year. You can go through that list too.

You can search for yourself and look at what rank you are appearing, and If the changes are working for you or not.

5. Interactive content

Publish content that gives a chance to the readers to leave their views with the post. You can share polls or ask viewers regarding their recommendations for a brand or any solution to a specific problem. Ask for their opinion to cater to a certain situation. Keep yourself ready for a long-form post according to the ongoing situations in the market or around the country. This will create a pipe of recorded responses, and you can utilize it for further conversation, developing an interactive connection. It simply works with learning to socialize.

Getting your LinkedIn profile on top of the search bar is time-consuming. Search and learn the market for rapid progress in social selling. Once you learn how to utilize all the features of your profile, you can then relax and watch for easier conversion of potential leads. To study further about the features that you can utilize in your LinkedIn profile for better B2B marketing, click on the following link https://calendly.com/noidigital/the-rbm-blueprint-ss to schedule a call with us right away. We are always happy to assist you.

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