LinkedIn Spamming: Why It’s NOT Effective and What Method Actually Is..

LinkedIn Spamming Is NOT Effective..

The use of social media platforms to lure and acquire potential clients to your business has become the most popular method in sales prospecting, quality delivery, and creation of genuine business relationships. Research indicates that there is significant growth in the businesses that incorporate social media in their sales and marketing strategy. Companies that use social media sales representatives win 66% of their quota and have an increased revenue of about 22%. However, while using social media, selling a person should avoid outdated tactics that may push away potential clients rather than winning them to your business. 

LinkedIn spamming is one of the social medial selling strategies that people tend to carry out when building business relationships. This method involves sending lifeless automated messages and cold InMails with no real personalization. Some people take it positively while most strongly oppose it for the messages may be irrelevant and do not add any value to them. 

This method is so ineffective for various reasons: most people ignore the messages sent to them, they feel irritated about it and feel that the salesperson is not actually trying to get to understand them, their company, and current challenges. Not to mention, can I at least get to know you first before you talk my ear off with an irrelevant pitch? It’s like asking a random person you walk by in the street to marry you at first sight. That doesn’t even sound like a good idea. 

Let’s be real, prospects don’t like it when you blast them with your generic pitch. In most cases, your messages may even be seen as irrelevant, annoying, and very destructive to them. Definitely counter-intuitive if your mission is to create any type of business relationship with them. In addition, these Linkedin spamming tactics could have very serious long-term effects, like being blacklisted from ever being able to do business with that company. And you don’t want that, right?

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