Let LinkedIn Be Your Competent Sales Pilot

LinkedIn is a corporate-related platform that brings around 600 million users together for professional networking. You can register yourself here as an employer or worker, depending on your designation. The online connections built here represent strong professional relationships. It allows you to get a better know-how of the business world.

LinkedIn is an excellent podium for employment and sales opportunities. According to the statistics, LinkedIn has played a significant role in boosting B2B sales as more than 50% of the consumers use LinkedIn for buying and purchasing affairs. LinkedIn prospecting is one of the most reliable ways to generate sales as the authentication of a profile can be easily confirmed with the help of trusted connections. Therefore, LinkedIn is an effective trust-building medium for users.

Using LinkedIn for sales

LinkedIn generates about 80% of the B2B leads from social media; this highlights its popularity among the viewers as a trading base. With the largest network of 303 million active users, it opens the doors for legit B2B sales. If a sales team knows how to operate their account here by using the right tools, then this platform can turn their statistics into the most successful brands around the globe.

Here are some tips and tricks to turn the tables in your favor.

You need to create a professional account that gives an executive look. This is achieved by adding a detailed bio about your product and company filling every detail, uploading professional pictures, and updating your timeline according to the company’s progress.

  • Search for relevant connections. Relevant connections are of two types; a buyer profile and a sponsor profile. Buyer profiles are the consumer base that your product targets. A sponsor profile includes connections that can endorse your profile and provide referrals as an authentic and trusted user.
  • Find an appropriate time when the majority of your connections are online and update a post at that time. It will help you gather more viewers, which means more prospective leads.
  • Publishing interactive content for your viewers can attract them to be a potential customer. The content should be relevant and informative. The focus of your content should be your customers.
  • Search for the groups that have relevant members and join them. Don’t forget to engage in discussions in the groups. It will give you a chance to promote your product by interacting with a number of customers at the same time.
  • Optimize your profile with SEO keywords, so your profile is the first thing popping in the search bar.
  • Share your views on the top trending content on LinkedIn to create customer interest and engagement.

LinkedIn sales navigator

Making it more accessible and better for sales prospects, LinkedIn has launched a sales navigator to revolutionize LinkedIn Social Selling. It is a type of advanced tool that builds and fosters customer-client relationships helping organizations and sales teams in committed B2B sales. It gives you a direction to reach the right parties that can lend you potential sales.

According to statistics, about 51% of the users are able to achieve their sales quota as compared to non-users. The features that help to bring out the best include advanced targeted search options, extended network access, appropriate account recommendations, and targeted company news alerts. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual entrepreneur or a number of people running a quality brand, LinkedIn sales navigator comes with two premium modes to make it compatible for its users; professional edition and team edition.

No doubt, at present, LinkedIn is serving as one of the best sales platforms. In order to get more command for using it properly to generate good numbers, click here for free training and learn about how we use LinkedIn to Social Sell at scale.

To your success!

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