How to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn, as a platform, is already performing well in B2B marketing. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an innovation in the field of LinkedIn prospecting. It is a platform where you can engage with the help of Navigator insights where you are already communicating with potential leads. It is a convenient way to develop a strong customer base. It is the best tool for finding the correct targets faster, interacting with them and keeping track of changes in the leads and company. Sales Navigator can give your business the sales boost you need for your business to succeed.

Key features of sales navigator

The LinkedIn sales navigator is designed in keeping the needs of a business owner in mind making it user-friendly. Operating a business using the LinkedIn sales navigator makes it easier to keep a record of daily statistics. It can be treated like a small memory chip that holds all the data related to your business while updating it from time to time every day. The key features making it the most popular tool for a salesperson are:

  • It has an advanced lead search that provides the most relevant prospects with the help of filters related to profile, business, and interests.
  • It recommends the relevant leads helping in catching up with the targeted audience. Every time the platform comes across an account with a suggestion according to your customization, you receive a notification for the lead recommendation.
  • Above all, you are signing up for the best integrated CRM that keeps a complete account of your leads and connections, helping you to generate better follow-ups. It gives you tagging and note-making option to organize the accounts with information that can be systematized at the back of CRM.

With all the above features, making it further attuned, LinkedIn has a customized package for each type of executive. It has three categories; enterprise, team and professional. It works as a one-stop solution for LinkedIn prospecting and B2B sales.

Utilizing it for Sales

Again, the basic strategy in LinkedIn is to improve and utilize your engagement and interaction with your potential clients.

  • You can reach over to a number of customers or prospects, even if you are not connected. The feature of InMail Messages helps you to get in touch with potential leads. You can utilize this option to send your company introduction or answering a customer query in person. This makes you available for the consumers all the time, portraying excellent customer support.
  • You can share your package and sales data with potential leads, customers or other sellers. Due to the key feature of PointDrive presentation, those tracking your company record can view the data without even downloading, and you can also keep track of your viewers. You can also keep an eye on competitor’s statistics via this option.
  • You can create a complete network for your team via team link. This will help your prospects to look into your company details and members. It is a big advantage in building credibility with customers as it provides proof of your authentication.
  • Sales Navigator helps you to build a resilient chain that reduces the risks in sales by bringing up deals for you with the help of incorporated CRM. You can easily identify the key stakeholders in the deal; you just need to keep your CRMs updated for all of this.
  • According to the recent updates in this advanced tool, Sales Navigator is also introduced for Gmail. This means you can serve the customer’s profile free from hesitation without leaving your inbox. This is a type of chrome extension which is available for LinkedIn members as LITE and LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscribers as PREMIUM.

Learning to operate a business account on LinkedIn is already a difficult task. Now, the sales navigator has made it even tougher to learn. Are you worried about your business account to excel in the current statistics in the market? Sit back and relax. Book a call with us at https://calendly.com/noidigital/the-rbm-blueprint-ss, and our experts will guide and help you with your LinkedIn account in the best possible way.

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