Give your competitors a tough time with these simple LinkedIn prospecting techniques

Give your competitors a tough time with these simple LinkedIn prospecting techniques

Having trouble generating leads and making sales through LinkedIn? You’re probably not doing it right. In this era of technology, LinkedIn prospecting is an essential technique for marketing. People keep their profiles updated and are vigilantly working towards progress. But to some, this technique is entirely useless because they lack expertise in this field. Here are a few tips that will help you find new prospects on LinkedIn.

Create a strong presence on LinkedIn

A solid presence on LinkedIn shows that you are an active participant and very enthusiastic about your work. Update your profile more and engage in discussions. Join numerous groups relevant to your work and be an active member. Doing so will help you gain popularity and you will make your presence felt.

Make more connections

See that guy with the funny looking glasses? Add him! He can get you more business. LinkedIn prospecting requires you to build strong connections with people outside of your circle. If friends and family are the only profiles you have on your social media, you need to get yourself out there buddy. Connect with people who can be beneficial for you and your business. Build good relations and open doors to more B2B marketing opportunities.

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Turn to a smarter way of searching

LinkedIn offers an amazing search facility to its users. You can look for people by title, company, location or keywords with the help of their advanced search option. The alumni search option promotes LinkedIn prospecting more as it lets you connect with people you went to school with. You heard me, you can look up for that cutie you had a crush on in High School. Narrowing down your search with the help of filters can assist you in getting in touch with specific prospects.

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Keep an eye on your competitor’s network

Selling to your competitor’s customer is easier than generating a new lead itself. Deliver your reasons as to why you are better than your competitor and get the customer to buy from you. At times, your rival salespeople are likely to be connected with their prospects and customers. Psst! Get your hands on their connections list.

Skill endorsements are a key

See that endorsements section there? That can come in handy. Endorsements are often done by people you have worked with or by people of the same field. Scroll down to your prospect’s Skills & Endorsements section and who knows you might get lucky enough to find a potential new prospect.

They’re hidden in the comments

LinkedIn prospecting requires you to be smart and be on the lookout at all times. The comments section of your connection’s post can be quite useful to you. The people interacting with your connections and commenting on their posts could be a good fit for a new prospect. Strike a conversation with them and add them to your connections.

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Avoid making cold calls

People making and attending cold calls often get uncomfortable and let’s face it, we all want to give these callers a piece of us, Lol. LinkedIn can help you gain enough knowledge about the person you would be calling for business. When calling a connection, you could tell them that you are connected on LinkedIn and the purpose of calling is relevant to something they posted on the platform.

Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium

Upgrading your LinkedIn account to a premium is highly recommended. You can sign up for a Sales account and get added access to leads in markets of your choice. Such an account will help you analyze that if your tactics are working or not. Premium accounts offer more search filter options to narrow down your search, making it an investment that was worth your money.

LinkedIn prospecting at times can be a very hefty game. But you can always turn it up by incorporating the mentioned tips into your LinkedIn marketing process.

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